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Starting a BLOGGG!

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Hi everyone!

I've always said I would never blog because I had nothing interesting to share and it wouldn't make an impact... Welllll, since this diagnosis, I have realized that I do have a lot to share and it WILL make an impact so I am starting a blog---HERE I AM!

So I copied all of my Caring Bridge journals to my very own website because I'm hoping to one day speak to large crowds and help young adults who are going through a cancer diagnosis. I am hoping to outgrow Caring Bridge... but it was a great place to start!

I will be doing all of my updates from here on out on this website. I will be posting about how my planning for the To Heck with Cancer 5k is going, where I'm traveling and multiple different updates about my life and what I'm thinking! I am hoping that not only cancer patients can relate and I can leave my own impact on the world!

I have discovered my love for helping people and bringing awareness to Breast Cancer. It's so important for people to realize the realities of cancer, and not just wear pink and call it a day.

I have giant dreams that I am going to fulfill and can't wait to share them with you guys along the way! I love when you guys follow along and show your support by liking or commenting (just so you know! :) )



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