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Change What You Cannot Accept

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

During the time that cancer has become more prominent in my life, I've realized a lot of crazy statistics about cancer as a whole and about Stage IV Cancer especially. This particular post is going to be about Stage IV Breast Cancer Research.

I'll start with some statistics, but please keep in mind that once stats are even published, they're already pretty outdated. It's taken me some time to get to the point where I'm okay even reading about statistics on breast cancer because they're scary! Especially when you, or one you love are going through it.

You probably didn't know that there are a TON of different types of breast cancer. Of course, there is Stage 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4, but there are also different types that feed off of different proteins. You can have cancer that feeds off of estrogen, progesterone and HER 2. All of those have the possibility of being positive or negative. With my 7th grade math tree diagram teaching experience (lol), there are 8 different types but then 5 more different stages of each of those. 40 different possibilities and that's not factoring in situ breast cancer vs invasive ductal.

ANYWAYS... you get what I'm saying!

Survival rates are pretty high in lower stages, but when you get to stage IV breast cancer, the 5-year survival rate is 27% (not very high if you're freakin' out about possibly being in that 73%...). At diagnosis, about 6% of women are already Stage IV.

This is very science/statistic-Y!

You get the jist of all of this and you came to my TED Talk knowing most of the above, maybe just not the exact statistics.

The REAL issue here is: while all these women are getting diagnosed and unfortunately progressing to stage IV, only 2-5% of the funds raised for breast cancer research is focused on stage IV.


I was not going to sit back and accept that because I'm too young to be a(nother) statistic.

I started my own non-profit to raise money for stage IV research. I got my nonprofit:


approved by the IRS to be tax exempt. This means that now the To Heck with Cancer 5k is underway and all of the proceeds will be going to METAvivor for them to get the money to strictly stage IV breast cancer research doctors.

While the run won't happen like I originally planned, we will still be able to raise money and all run for a cause "together". I've got the run set up on runsignup right...

This link will take you right to the sign up site and you can click "sign up". This will be a strictly virtual run so you can run or walk anytime, at your own pace. I am hoping that everyone can take pictures in their race shirts (that will be sent out in the beginning of November) and I can put all the pictures together on this site!

The cost of this race is $38 ($35 for cost of the race + $3 for sign up fee). The $35 will cover the cost of your t-shirt and the shipping of the t-shirt to you. I will not be keeping any of the money after that is covered. I will be writing a check to METAvivor with the idea that they will have more money for stage IV research!


Something that you could do that actually wouldn't "cost" you anything...

If you use Amazon, you might be aware of what Amazon Smile is! If not, LISTEN UP!

If you go to, when "You Shop. Amazon Gives". Amazon will give 0.5% of eligible purchases to a charity of your choice on eligible purchases. It will not cost you anything extra, but will send a portion of your purchase to To Heck with Cancer! See the screenshot below for the how-to! Although $1.83 isn't a ton of money, every bit counts and that's only one person!

Y'all have been so so incredible on my journey, and even before this started, you were incredible. I appreciate each and every one of you and can never put enough thanks out there!!

If you have a cause that you are passionate about, I encourage you to


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