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A Normal Week... Whaaaat?

I started writing this entry and then I realized that this past week my life has been fairly normal (yay!!). I would rather post pictures to show how happy and fun life is every single day. Just like everyone else-there are good days and there are bad days. I ended up not doing a day-to-day entry this week because nothing really changed, which I am not complaining about! Hopefully that will be the case every once in a while! I had a great week and had GREAT times with friends and family and again, feel very lucky!! And the good times will continue this weekend! However, there are some specific things I do want to share with everyone in this post. I am only sharing this because there IS NO handbook on how to deal with this for anyone and we all know that. I am just trying to make it easier for everyone who is going through this and anyone who is supporting someone who is going through this (because you're going through it too).  So here is the thing that I've realized... multiple days can be GREAT and then one day can just be a total switch. It's especially weird because remember... I. Feel. FINE. Literally feel and act like the exact same person I've always been. I had a really hard time getting into the swing of things one day this week. I was overthinking my condition and: How will I look? How I will take to the meds I'm starting next week? Will I still be this confident that everything will be okay? WILL everything be okay? How long will all of this take? Will my life ever go back to normal? I know there are plenty of people who are doing great after treatment and I still know that I will too, but it's definitely scarier then you can put into words.  I found that when you're not the patient (which I've been for 25 years), you have to be really careful what questions you ask the person who is 'sick'. I'm completely open to talk about this and tell you all the facts and even bring light and positive vibes to this, but there are just some questions I can't answer. I guess I've never really thought about it until I was on this side but to be completely honest: I can't answer every question There are some things that are allowed to be private (which with me, isn't toooo much... I'll tell ya how it is 😉). There are some questions I don't even know the answers to. There are some questions I don't want to know the answers to.  And there is a plethora of emotions that run wild during this time (props to mom for letting me even speak when I'm in a MOOD). This is a freaking roller coaster. I know there is no handbook to how to deal with this for anyone, but there are some questions that are tough to hear/answer and sometimes this isn't all I want to talk about. There's so much more to life then just stupid effing breast cancer. I won't let it win! I WANT to talk to everyone about everything (like I always have). I want everyone to know I will be okay! But there are definitely days that are not so great and they come out. of. nowhere. So please bear with me when these rollercoasters hit. I start on some hormone therapy and oral chemo next week. As frustrating as it is that I have to go through this, I am so happy to start. Anything to get this all under control is a step in the right direction!  CHEERS! Here's to a normal week!  PS-If I'm EVER stressed, someone buy me a car windshield and some spray paint and a sledge hammer! This was the best therapy ever!

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