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How does she do it?!

Well... if you're asking me--I'm not really sure! Smile through the tears I suppose! HAHA--so dramatic... somethings never change.

It's been a HUGE adjustment moving back to Jacksonville. While I'm so glad I did it, it's not been easy and the number of times I've said "I miss my family" is wicked high, but we're getting through it.

It's been a while since I've blogged. I've fallen off the train because of lots of "life" getting in the way. So here's the quick update for those of you that feel out of the loop.

I moved down to Jacksonville mid-August, life was going fine but it was taking a minute to adjust to the new life without my family by my side. I went to lots of doctors appointments to get established here and feel like I had my team. All of those appointments were over around beginning of September.


Sometime around the very beginning of September, I met with a GYN-Oncologist. A recommendation was made that I may want to consider getting a full hysterectomy as early as I feel comfortable (more on this later). This weighed SO heavily. I spent many, many nights upset and worried about my future. This will be a completely life changing surgery, both for the best and for the "worst (carrying kids wise)", but I know it will take huge steps in my cancer journey, and with that, I made the decision to go through with the recommendation (surgery scheduled for 10/20).

**Save you're judgmental comments while I save my life**


On the morning of September 8th, I decided to start looking for a puppy and get on a waitlist. I felt that a puppy would be an excellent companion and help me not feel so "alone". I knew everyone was adopting because of COVID and all the time at home, so I knew I wouldn't be getting one for a while, but wanted to put my feelers out and get on a waiting list.

On September 8th, I found a post from a breeder in GA trying to rehome a puppy from her most recent litter. The family that originally took "said" pup home almost two weeks prior decided it was best to rehome the pup because the puppy was too much for the family.

Ain't no rest for the wicked--On September 9th, I went and met the 12 year old I had been talking to and adopted the pup from her. That's when the Julia/Stella Duo commenced. It's been history since then, this girl is the best thing that's ever happened to me (even when she's the worst and I forget that she's the best (hehe)).

Disclaimer: puppies are cute as hell but are more work than you even think they are, even if you're anticipating a lot of work. LOLLL.


Fast forward to September 25th, I went out with Stella and met a friend for dinner and live music! I was so excited to have live music to go to! WOOHOO. On the way home, a motorcyclist with a passenger made a left hand turn in front of me going straight. I was able to walk away from the accident with Stella (shaken up, but okay). AND the motorcyclist and passenger were taken to the hospital with NON-life threatening injuries. I am more than convinced that Dad was watching over me and the couple on the motorcycle that night.

This was a total wake up call. Yes, I have cancer. Yes, it's life threatening. Yes, I was given a prognosis. Yes, somedays I can't help but think about that.

But that accident... 1. Could've ended up even worse (the motorcycle could've come through my windshield) and 2. Was completely out of my control.

I was faced with a true "things can happen so quickly" moment and find myself feeling even more blessed that I'm here today.


October 8th came around. It had officially been 4 months since my scans. 4 months of new meds and so many changes in my life.

I felt nervous, but not concerned about these scans. I knew it would be alright. Only nervous about the fact that I was on a NEW treatment and wasn't sure what kind of results to expect.

LOW AND BEHOLD, IT WAS ALRIGHT!! My scans came back and there are no new lesions!! THEY WERE STABLE!!!


On October 9th I got my "attainable" dream car! A new 4Runner! I will now be going to the beach with my car and allowing Stella to sleep in the AC if she gets too hot! I will also be able to drive up to NY this winter without the concern (being as big) of getting stuck!


In between all of these major life events, I've spent plenty of time with friends, working my day job, planning the To Heck with Cancer 5K (Sign Up Site), watching TV and training Stella to be the best pup ever... So I've been busy to say the least. I am excited to continue to share more stories with you about things coming up in my life!

And I'll leave you with this: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (as I'm sure you know). Please please please, men and women, know your body!! STAY IN CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH AND LET YOUR DOCTOR KNOW IF YOU THINK ANYTHING IS ABNORMAL!!!

All my love!




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