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Corona Virus--But Make it with a Lime

LOL GUYS--Like anyone, I have a lot to worry about in my everyday life. We all have stress prior to Corona, so Corona, we didn't need you.


There is a lot to be concerned about...

How do we keep our families safe?

How do we keep ourselves safe?

How do we keep busy while we are quarantined?


Okay well... to cover the first and second topics, let's just keep washing our hands. That's the number one way to keep the spread of corona to a minimum. We just need to make sure were being clean and not touching our faces (easier said than done).

But really... PLEASE keep in mind when you're taking everything off the shelves (like clorox and Purell), there are people who were going through these precautions prior to Corona and now especially need these items. Being immunocompromised means that I'm more at risk for ANY infection so of course I'm scared, but going in and seeing all of these items missing from shelves and knowing Karen is just getting them for her whole freaking neighborhood is very frustrating.

Please keep in mind when you're getting all the toilet paper (why is everyone aggressively stocking up on this anyways??) that there ARE, in fact, other people that might just need some in general! This is just crazy... We need to look out for each other and not continually go overboard and be extra dramatic. THAT'S EVEN COMING FROM ME!!


How will we keep busy?

Well... Love is Blind is DEFINITELY an option. Anyone who knows me knows my love of trash TV and now that the freaking Today show is like nonexistent, I'm resorting to MORE trash TV. Can we get a Season 2, 3 and 4 of Love is Blind or WHAT. lol


As much as this seems like a joke, I do realize the severity of this pandemic. Please if you're sick, stay home and keep others safe. Keep washing your hands and cleaning everything with clorox!


I'll close with this... please be mindful of those around you. Please make sure you're washing your hands and covering your mouth. We will get through this too!

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1 Comment

Indy Thomsen
Indy Thomsen
Mar 16, 2020

I was really worried about our trip back from LA! I'm glad to hear you are back home and safe! Also - I like how I got a notification that you updated the blog!!

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